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Made entirely of Armalith®
Protective properties very close to natural leather suits
The latest technology in the field of materials
A little bit looser than skinny
High waist
Advanced knee and hip SAS-TEC® protectors with CE certificate
No seams on the knees
Barely visible seam – best for work and office
Don’t require any special dry cleaning
Stylish and elegant
Fully breathable



The Forte line is characterized by the usage of the latest technology named Armalith® – it’s a modern material that has a durability comparable to that of natural leather suits. Thanks to the addition of elastane, high comfort of wearing is ensured. Forte trousers are a perfect solution for those who need the highest level of protection, but don’t want to give up the comfort or breathability of jeans.
Armalith® has better parameters than Kevlar, thanks to which these trousers are made entirely of this material, having one layer. They don’t have inserts that would reduce airflow. The usage of this material provides very high abrasion resistance as well as very high tear resistance (over 10 tons), which eliminates the risk of tearing them in an accident. Knee protectors that meet the EN 1621-1 standard and the hip SAS-TEC® protectors additionally care about the rider’s safety.
There is no seams on the knees and all of them are barely visible, so they look just like ordinary jeans, so you can wear them to work. Longer legs make the trousers won’t be too short while riding a motorcycle.

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