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Made entirely of Armalith®
Protective properties very close to natural leather suits
The latest technology in the field of materials
Simple, classic cut
Advanced knee  SAFE-TECH® and hip SAS-TEC® protectors with CE certificate
No seams on the knees
Barely visible seam – best for work and office
Don’t require any special dry cleaning
Stylish and elegant
Fully breathable

NEW Forte 2.0 jeans made from Armalith® 2.0* are the highest model of Motto Wear collection range. The single layer fabric is very light but provides high abrasion resistance in case of motorcycle fall on the tarmac. Right now it’s even higher than in our previous version of FORTE model. In 2019 model we use new fabric which give us 4 seconds abrasion resistance according Cambridge test method and additionally AA results in Darmstadt tests.


Ultra resistant to abrasion, tearing, cutting and UV rays.

Hip and knee protectors with CE certificate included

Triple stitching


Power Stretch, lightweight, single layer fabric
with cotton next to your skin.


UHMWPE Technology integrated into
a genuine denim core.


Darker color compare to previous model save 10% less water during laundry and finishing process.

Packed in to paper box -no more plastic bags

*)ARMALITH® is made by assembling cotton fibre with UHMWPE fibre, until now only used in space, military and offshore applications. This exclusive technology produces a genuine denim with a core framework that gives it the mechanical qualities of leather.


The Forte line – trousers with a usage of the latest technology named Armalith®, which is comparable to durability with natural leather suits. Additionally, the trousers have the addition of elastane, which ensures high wearing comfort. This is a perfect solution for those who care about the highest level of protection, while not giving up the comfort and breathability of jeans.
Armalith® has better parameters than Kevlar, thanks to which these trousers have only one layer entirely made of this material. They don’t have inserts that would reduce airflow. Trousers with this material have a very high abrasion-resistance, as well as very high resistance to tearing (more than 10 tons), which eliminates the risk of tearing them in an accident. In addition, SAFE-TECH® knee protectors that meet the EN 1621-1 standard and the hip SAS-TEC® protectors provide the best protection by absorbing the impact.
These trouers can be wear to work, because the seams are barely visible and there is no seams on the knees. Thanks to that they look just like ordinary jeans. Longer legs ensure their proper length while riding a motorcycle.

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XS, S, M, L, XL

Size Chart

Forte 2.o
Size chart (cm) XS S M L XL
waist 83 87 91 96 100
inseam 81 81 81 81 81
Size chart (inches) XS S M L XL
waist 30’ 32’ 34’ 36’ 38’
inseam 31’ 31’ 31’ 31’ 31’