Hip Protectors KNOX


  • Engineered in a 3 dimensional form which are very soft, flexible and comfortable
  • Made from flexible PU, the finished protectors are smooth and the edges are thin making them virtually unnoticeable in clothing
  • 2 hinge points to aid movement and holes for breathability
  • Exceeds European standard EN16211-97


A pair of hip protectors (left and right side).
If you are looking for more safety, upgrade your motorcycle jeans with those adjustable CE hip protectors made by KNOX®. Those can be easily mounted in all Motto Wear Jeans*.

They come in a cotton bag with Velcro on it – so you can freely adjust their position to your best preferences and comfort when being in riding position.

*please note that sometimes hip protectors require a bigger size of jeans, because they are mounted inside the waist