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Certified Mottowear motorcycle pants

Meet Motto Wear – a clothing brand for motorcycle enthusiasts and lovers of urban comfort and style. The idea for the company was born out of passion, excitement and need – as motorcyclists we want to feel safe, but also undoubtedly look good after getting off the motorcycle. Due to the fact that no company’s products were able to provide us with this, we decided to start our own. We started producing clothes in 2002 focusing on denim motorcycle pants. Shortly after that, we entered foreign markets. We are proud that we have not lost our local character over the years and all production still takes place in Europe. We never took any shortcuts on our way. We have always used the indisputably best components available in our production of motorcycle denim pants. Due to the changing technology, we constantly introduce improvements and modern fabrics. Summing up, our striving for excellence is confirmed by obtaining CE FprEN 17092-4: 2019 safety certificates for most of our collection. Full range of women’s trousers and men’s trousers

Motorbike pants

Properly selected jeans for a motorcycle give a feeling of freedom and comfort while driving. Motto Wear pants are designed especially for motorcyclists and have a soft lining made of 100% DuPont TM Kevlar® * on the buttocks, hips and knees to prevent chafing in the event of a fall. Special pockets on the knees and hips for certified protectors. The high quality of the materials used ensures air permeability, while protecting against the wind.

Motorcycle pants

Motorcycle pants are made of special materials with an admixture of Lycra® that ensure maximum comfort while driving. The specific position requires the use of an appropriate cut of the legs. Specially designed places for the protectors allow for full adjustment of their position. By deciding to buy Motto Wear products, you guarantee maximum comfort and safety every time you get on the motorcycle! The wide offer of the store guarantees that you will find a model that will fit perfectly on every motorcyclist, regardless of gender, figure and weight. Motorcycle denim jeans are comfortable no matter how long the ride takes. Fully breathable materials and the possibility of retrofitting models with additional hip protectors (knee protectors are standard in each model of trousers) make it possible to individually adjust the trousers to your needs. Pants are perfect for driving on a hot day, because they have specially selected material thicknesses. Additional reinforcements made of 100% original Kevlar® in strategic places prevent chafing. Pants look great on every body shape, and also guarantee that a specific riding position will not cause discomfort. Please refer to the size chart and find your perfect size. Place your order and see that the ride can be even more exciting! We are aware that choosing the right size can be difficult via the Internet, so there is no problem with replacing it. To minimize the risk of choosing the wrong size, we suggest that you measure your favorite waist pants with a regular tape measure and compare the result with our table. Perfectly fitted motorcycle pants will be perfect both for lonely rides and for downhill motorcycle enthusiasts. Choose your size now! Pants can be washed with other clothes, they do not require special treatment when drying, so keeping them clean is not a problem. Convince yourself of the high-quality product and see how comfortable riding your favorite motorcycle can be!

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Numours and Company.

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