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  • Urban RAM Motorcycle Cargo Pants - NEW in 2015!
  • CITY X GREY Jeans
  • SCHAATS - Casual Motto Wear flippant slacks.
  • City X Motorcycle Jeans
  • New! - Raw Selvedge Denim Motto Wear Jeans
  • MOTTO WEAR Debonair Jeans
  • RAISER X-III Motorcycle Jeans
  • KIRA X GREY Women Jeans
  • DRAGONAR XT - limited superfly jeans for bona fide riders :)


Motto Wear Jeans Catalog 2015"MOTTO WEAR new 2015 catalog is finally available!" 
We proudly present you the new catalog for 2015. Just click the image to see the new collection of great motorcycle jeans (interactive catalog).

Welcome to MOTTO - motorcycle clothing world

Motorcycle clothing s an essential attribute of anyone who is moving on two wheels. Regardless of where and how far you go - one should be most important: safety and convenience.
We give lot of effort to combine those two important features. So you look nearly casual and cool, but still properly protected. Take a look at our products - we've got everything:

  • Motorcycle·pants·- good·looking bike pants·are essential for every rider and this is our speciality.·We've got·motorcycle·jeans made with DuPontTM Kevlar® lining,·militias, dandy style pants and other in which·as soon as·you get down·from the machine·you can go even·for a business meeting :)
  • Motorcycle Jacket - light, airy, safe? No problem  ...
  • T-shirts and other casuals - why not still look good after ?

We specialize in motorcycle clothing, mainly for the city - so even on short rides the city is safe, but comfortable. Go on and take a look at our motorbike clothes.

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