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Women jeans

Why Motto Wear motorcycle jeans for women? Riding a motorcycle is not only the domain of men. Women also love this sport. If you are one of those women who love fast rides and want to feel not only comfortable but also attractive during it, check out Motto Wear women’s motorcycle pants. Discover all the advantages of our women's motorcycle pants, which we have created specifically for all women who care about a phenomenal appearance while still riding their beloved machine. These high quality denim jeans offer superior protection with CE level A certified protectors and Kevlar reinforcement for maximum impact protection. The modern cut is designed to flatter all shapes and sizes, offering comfort as well as style on your ride. With fully machine washable fabric, you won’t have to worry about the upkeep - just enjoy the journey! Our innovative technology ensures you get the best of both worlds - a sleek design with maximum safety features - so you can ride assured knowing that you are protected from whatever comes your way. Invest in yourself and your ride with Motto Wear today! Are Motto Wear motorcycle jeans safe? Safety is a priority when riding a motorcycle. All Motto Wear jeans are protected by Kevlar®, Cordura® or Armalith® fabrics, which are very resistant to abrasion. Areas of body most exposed during potential falls are protected by a special, abrasion-resistant soft Kevlar® layer – effectively protecting the most vulnerable parts of the body such as the hips, outer thighs, buttocks and knees. We made sure that Kevlar® itself does not directly touch the rider's body, therefore it is additionally “isolated” from the skin with a layer of cotton. All materials are easily breathable and the whole structure is fully breathable and provides good heat circulation. Each Motto Wear jeans model includes certified SAFE-TECH® breathable knee protectors. You can upgrade your safety with optional SAS-TEC® hip protectors. These protectors increase the level of security. Protectors can be bought separately and easily installed in the pants. Which Motto Wear motorcycle jeans to choose? What do women’s motorcycle pants have to look like? The first condition, of course, is convenience. Our jeans are flexible and adapt to the figure, they also do not cause discomfort when taking different positions while driving. However, after getting off the motorcycle, they return to their original shape. They fit perfectly with current fashion trends. Motto Wear motorcycle jeans are designed with the ultimate motorcycle enthusiast in mind. Whether you prefer a slim or relaxed cut, our breathable denim ensures maximum comfort and protection no matter the weather. Our jeans are perfect for all types of riders, from casual weekend cruisers to hardcore street racers. So get ready to show off your best biker style with Motto Wear motorcycle jeans!