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About us

About us

Meet the Motto Wear company – a clothing brand for motorcycle enthusiasts and lovers of urban comfort and style. The idea for the company was born from passion and needs – as motorcyclists, we want to feel safe, but also look good after getting off the bike. Since the products of no other company could offer this, we decided to set up our own business. We started producing clothes in 2002, and shortly after entered foreign markets. We are proud that through all these years we have not lost our local character and all production is still based in Europe.

We have always wanted to be at the cutting edge of design, that’s why since 2012 we have produced our pants using modern Swiss CT technology. This is a complex non-abrasive material connected with polyamide PA6.6 multifilament yarn, a combination which provides maximum safety and protection whilst maintaining the comfort and convenience of clothing. As the first company offering denim bikers’ clothing, we began to use very thin and light D3O protectors.  Sewn inside the trousers, this invisible layer of protection changes its properties during a fall, reacting to impact and absorbing its strength, protecting the places most exposed to injuries, like knees and hips.

We continue to search out new solutions, and as part of further development, we began to produce our jeans based on the breakthrough Armalith® technology. Just one layer of material made with this technique is enough to provide fall protection identical to that of leather on most surfaces! This technology is certified by the European Standard CE13595-2, which not only gives us confidence and safety, but also offers the benefits of riding comfort, convenience, and a great look.

Currently, all of our motorcycle clothing has additional reinforcements from the original Kevlar® DuPont ™ material (DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company) to protect our body, especially the hips, knees and thighs. We are proud that our brand has passed all tests and received the FprEN 17092-4: 2019 “A” certificate, a determinant of the highest quality, safety and comfort of clothing. We care about the environment, so we pack all our clothes in aesthetic, ecological boxes.

For us, motorcycle enthusiasts, it is crucial to feel safe even during short trips around the city. Our clothes must protect us like a car body. Thanks to Motto Wear solutions, it can finally also be as comfortable and stylish as ordinary clothes. That is why we are constantly improving the technology we use, and we do everything so it can literally save our butt 🙂