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Extremely comfortable motorcycle jeans with Kevlar® protection

179.00 €

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  • CE certificate FprEN 17092-4:2019 "A"
  • Soft 100% DuPont™ Kevlar®* lining on the hips, buttocks, knees and thighs
  • Removable and adjustable SAFE-TECH® knee protectors with CE certificate
  • Possibility of purchasing optional SAS TEC hip protectors
  • Slightly looser, fashionable skinny cut
  • Durable YKK zipper

technology kevlar


technology motto wear

Size Chart

Size chart (cm) XS S M L XL
waist 71 74 79 83 88
inseam 82 82 84 84 84
Size chart (inches) XS S M L XL
waist 28’ 29’ 31’ 33’ 35’
inseam 32’ 32’ 33’ 33’ 33’


technology motto wear


HIRO light Women’s motorcycle jeans are the best for city rides. They’re characterized by a slightly tightened shape similar to the classic skinny-fit and are designed especially for the female body structure, thus the jeans fit perfectly and accentuate all the curves of the female body. Artificially aged high-quality denim combined with elastane in its structure is long-wearing and very comfortable. Premium-quality YKK zipper stands high loads during long-term use. That’s why HIRO design is the ideal combination of style and safety in motorcycle riding. Pants with CE certificate FprEN 17092-4:2019 “A”.

Cut-in knee-caps SAFE-TECH® adjustable to any height provide true protection from injuring. Optional hip protectors SAS-TEC® increase safety level – they can be purchased separately and integrated easily into the ready manufacture. Both protective inserts are certified by CE level 1. Besides that, there is a special abrasion-proof soft Kevlar®* pad on the inner side of the jeans. It effectively protects the exterior part of the hips, buttocks and knees in case of fall and sliding on and across the paving asphalt. The fabric lets air in easily and the whole manufacture is breathable and provides good heat exchange. You will definitely appreciate it on hot days!

HIRO trousers’ legs are made longer in order not to look short when you’re sitting on the motorcycle, so pay attention to that characteristic of the design when choosing your size. The range counts three sizes – from S to L.


HIRO Women’s motorcycle pants were designed for women who love rides. They are characterized by a high waist and slightly narrowed leg cut. Their cut is similar to the classic skinny-fit cut. Such a pattern perfectly emphasizes all shapes. High-quality elastane denim is durable and very comfortable. Inside you will find panels made of 100% Kevlar®- a fabric that is very resistant to abrasion. The highest quality YKK zipper will work during long-term use. That’s why HIRO women’s motorcycle pants are the perfect combination of style and safety when riding a motorcycle. Safety is a very important issue and in this case we have it confirmed with CE FprEN 17092-4: 2019 “A” certificate.


The knee pads attached to the pants are SAFE-TECH® certified protectors and, thanks to their construction, they are great during hot days – they are very airy and thanks to the regulation we can easily fit them to each of the ladies. Protectors provide real protection against injuries. We recommend retrofitting the pants with optional SAS-TEC® hip protectors that increase the level of security – they can be bought separately and can be easily installed in the pants. On the inside of the belt we have special pockets in which we can put hip protectors. Both types of protectors have CE certificates.

In places most exposed during falls between the outer layer of jeans and our body there is a special, abrasion-resistant soft Kevlar® layer * – effectively protects the most vulnerable parts of the body such as the hips, outer thighs, buttocks and knees during a possible fall and running over any asphalt pavement. We made sure that Kevlar® itself does not touch directly to our body, therefore it is additionally “isolated from the skin with a cotton layer. All materials are easily breathable and the whole structure is fully breathable and provides good heat circulation. You will certainly appreciate it on hot days!

The HIRO model is available in  S, M, L sizes only. Before buying, please compare your favorite pants with our table, all dimensions are in centimeters.

sizes of hiro light

*) DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Numours and Company.


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